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Prospects for the global development of oil industry are based on constant and high demand for raw hydrocarbons.

Alternative energy sources are in the initial stage of development and are currently unable to compete with the oil industry. Low prices and exploration of new oil deposits promise further active development of the industry for more than a dozen years.

coreslube is one of the largest suppliers of oil products in European and Asian markets.

This is a large team of over 5,000 employees: engineers, analysts, traders. We have official representative offices in more than 20 countries of the world, and we are planning to stay strong in pursuit of our goals.

Company Legality

coreslube is an officially
incorporated company under
the number:

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Due to high competition and numerous factors that influence the pricing policy of oil and its refinement products, investments in the oil industry are a bit of a risk for an inexperienced investor.

Our company constantly keeps abreast of events and redistributes the investment received in a most efficient way.

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    Instability and volatility
    of financial markets

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    Geopolitical and
    economic changes

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    Organization and
    optimization of timely
    delivery of oil products
    to the end user

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    Other force-majeure

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Pricing policy on the global oil market is a
complex of such interrelated factors:

To ensure stable prices for our products, we work in close cooperation with business partners around the world, creating a single market for oil products in all corners of the globe.

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Short Description What is oil refining Process?

Oil refining is a process of production of various kinds of fuel and processed raw materials, which consists of the following stages:

  1. Oil treatment, which includes oil extraction, transportation and refining from mechanical impurities
  2. Atmospheric distillation during which oil is distilled to several fractions: gasoline, kerosene, diesel fractions and oil residue
  3. Vacuum distillation as a final stage of separation of various kinds of oil and paraffin from oil residue

coreslube is confidently competing with such oil and gas giants as:

Chevron, ExxonMobil,
Total S.A. and others.

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Oil products Oil Refining Products products

  • Gasoline

    Gasoline, one of the main products of oil distillation products, is a flammable combustible mixture of hydrocarbons. It is used as a motor fuel for the majority of road transport on the planet (carburetor and injection engines).

  • Middle distillate (kerosene and diesel)

    Middle distillate is a separate name of group of fractions: jet-engine fuel, kerosene, diesel fuel and gasoil. Each of these is used in different kinds of air, road and sea transport.

  • Oil residue

    Oil residue is a mixture of oil sediments: heavy hydrocarbons, petroleum resins, asphaltenes and many other components. It serves for production of tar, bitumen, asphalt.