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Homepage | coreslube.com


We are working: Oil production and Everything related

A company with many years of experience and extensive experience in the extraction and sale of oil products


  • 1 4.5%
    • Total Profit:45%
    • Deposit Duration:10 days
    • Min-Max Deposit:50$ - 7,000$
    • Principal Return:Yes
    • Ruby
  • 2 10.0%
    • Total Profit:150%
    • Deposit Duration:15 days
    • Min-Max Deposit:10,000$ - 50,000$
    • Principal Return:Yes
    • Finale

01 01
Profit Calculator How much will I earn?

100$ 7000$
  • Current Plan: 6.0% daily
  • Daily profit: 0.6$
  • Total return: 10.8$

02 02
Company Advantages Why choose us?

The list of benefits the client gets from cooperation with
coreslube is given below:

  • 01 Financial flexibility and stability

    Stability and possibility to manage your own financial assets is one of the key factors of successful investment cooperation.

  • 02 Profoundly skilled team

    coreslube is a team of over 5,000 multinational employees in 20 countries of the world.

  • 03 Individual approach

    We value each our partner and give an opportunity to become the official representative of our Company in your own region.

  • 04 Investment perspectives

    Oil industry, as a source of electric power, still holds a dominant position in the world.

for investors

03 03
About Us About Company

Every day millions and billions of companies and individuals use oil and oil products in their daily routine. Without exaggeration, one can say that refined oil products are an integral element of the technological society existence.

With Crypto Currencies been undoubtedly the most convenient decentralised monetary system, we collect Investments on crypto Currency and invest huge on Crude Oil

Availability of extensive infrastructure of complete cycle (oil extraction, refining and trade), as well as logistic and analytical hubs allow us to get the maximum dividends in this business sector

After which Profits are been disbursed daily to our Investors.

for partner

Company Legality

coreslube is an officially
incorporated company under
the number:

companies house site https://coreslube.com
Oil refining includes the following stages:
  1. Oil treatment;
  2. Atmospheric distillation
    (oil product fractional distillation);
  3. Vacuum distillation of oil residue
    (separation of oil, paraffin and ceresin).

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Project Statistics Statistics

  • Total Visitors 3798
  • Total Users 25809
  • Total Deposits 49773$
  • Total Withdrawals 14853.63$
  • Running Days 1196